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Get Smart About Your Money

November 10, 2017

Get Smart About Your Money

Today, there are so many financial education resources available that it can be overwhelming to know where to turn for smart financial advice. At Greater State Bank, we want to make it easier for our customers to find valuable information that will result in smart money decisions.  Whether it’s buying a house, sending your child to college or paying off your debt, your goals are important to us.  The links and resources below provide valuable information from some of the nation’s most trusted sources to help you reach your financial goals.

FDIC Consumer Protection

This section of the FDIC site provides excellent information to help you make informed decisions about your money and to protect yourself against financial scams and fraud. This site also features a section devoted entirely to Financial Education and Literacy where you can receive free lessons on important financial issues and topics.

Texas Department of Banking Consumer Information

The Texas Department of Banking offers excellent resources to educate and protect consumers. Here you will find a wealth of consumer education opportunities.

Federal Reserve Consumer Help

The Federal Reserve Consumer Help site provides consumer alerts regarding financial institutions. It also addresses consumer questions about Federal Consumer Protection Laws and Regulations.

We hope you find these links valuable.

Thank you for choosing Greater State Bank, where you can experience the Genuine Hometown banking you deserve.

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